For over 40 years, Artisanat Gros-Louis has offered products and services of the highest quality, using skills transmitted from father to son.

Arts and crafts produced by all of Quebec’s aboriginal nations are represented in our store; naturally, local Wendat products are our speciality.

The speciality of the house, manufactured right here in Wendake, are snowshoes made out of ash and raw pre-tanned cow- or moose-hide leather thonging.

We also offer a choice of "Mukluks", the Indian name for winter boots; snowshoe enthusiasts will find them absolutely indispensable.

There are a number of native-style models of boots for snowshoeing. We have sizes to fit each and every member of the family. When designed with a removable lining, these boots are strictly for snowshoeing, but they serve as everyday boots when lined with real wool.

A person’s choice of snowshoes is determined by his or her weight and by how the equipment is to be used during the outing. Normally the model will be of a traditional style with a pointed back end, making the snowshoe slide more effectively and therefore easier to use.

The outdoor worker, mountain climber or hunter will opt for the totally round "bear-claw" model, a style of snowshoe that makes difficult-to-reach places more accessible.

The newest "Ski-Doo" snowshoes feature a remodelled bear-claw design. This is the favourite model of nature lovers, including men, women and children alike.

The new generation of snowshoers will be attracted by our top-of-the-line aluminium models. They require absolutely no upkeep and are guaranteed for at least one year. They’re the ideal snowshoe for use on ice, wet snow or mountainous terrain.

We offer you:

  • Jewellery
  • Peace pipes
  • Dream catchers
  • Traditional incense
  • Moccasins
  • Mukluks
  • Snowshoes
  • Wendat, Inuit and Iroquois stone sculpture
  • Traditional drums
  • Totems

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